4-Wheel Steering Systems (Pros/Cons and Cars That Have It)

four wheel steering advantages and disadvantages

A four-wheel steering system (or all wheel steering) allows the driver to turn the rear wheels left or right along with the front wheels. Do not confuse a four-wheel steering system with a four-wheel drive vehicle because they’re two different things. Four-wheel drive simply means that all four wheels are getting power from the engine. … Read more

5 Causes of a Traction Control Light Coming On When Accelerating

Most modern vehicles have a traction control system in them. This system keeps track of the vehicle’s steering performance and stability. If the vehicle were to lose its traction on the ground, the traction control system will detect this problem and then act accordingly to correct the issue. The traction control light will not come … Read more

The Functions and Bad Symptoms of Electronic Stability Control in the Car

Computers and electronics are taking over all new vehicles these days. The electronic stability control system is one piece of innovative technology which gives vehicles extra stability and traction, especially on rougher roads. This technology works in conjunction with the central computer of the engine control unit. Whenever the car begins to lose traction on … Read more

Blind Spot Detection Technology Working Principle in the Car

One of the most difficult things about driving is dealing with blind spots. We all have side mirrors and rearview mirrors on our vehicles, but these mirrors only give us limited vision of the other vehicles around us. That is why drivers are supposed to turn their heads whenever they’re making a turn or changing … Read more

How do Climate-Controlled Car Seats work

Automakers are thinking of everything when it comes to innovative technology for their vehicles. In traditional cars, there are air vents built into the front dashboard which blow cool or heated air from them. This helps control the overall temperature of the cabin. The only downside is that it can take too long for this … Read more

Rain Sensor and Automatic Wipers Working Principle

When you need to drive in the rain, it is never a comfortable experience. The rain can practically blind your sight because of all the water that pours down onto your windshield. What’s also annoying is that you must manually turn on your windshield wipers each time it rains. This might not seem like a … Read more

How does Google’s self-driving car work

Self-driving cars seem to be the latest technological innovation in automobiles. These are the type of cars where the computer controls the driving instead of the human driver. Some other names for self-driving cars are driverless cars or autonomous cars. Self-driving cars are built with a series of sensors, computer chips, and artificial intelligence software … Read more