10 Tips for Taking a Long Road Trip

Everyone dreams about going on a long road trip. There is nothing more exciting than taking your vehicle out for an extended trip across the country or at least to another state. However, this thrill could be jeopardized if your car ends up breaking down while you’re so far away from home. That is why … Read more

10 Tips for Cleaning the Interior and Exterior of a Car

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10 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter and Summer

Temperature and climate can have a big impact on cars. The winter brings cold temperatures and the summer brings hot temperatures. Depending on where you live in the world, the intensity of these seasons could be more severe than others. You could even be subjected to snow storms in the winter or hurricanes in the … Read more

5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car Battery

The battery is a vital component of any car. When you stick your key in the ignition and turn it, the battery sends an electrical current to the ignition system which helps start the engine. From there, the alternator will supply electricity to the components of the vehicle while it is running. However, if the … Read more

7 Important Tips When Buying a Used Car

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How to Clean a Cabin Air Filter and Average Cost to Replace It

A vehicle’s air conditioner is essential for supplying the driver and passengers with cool air when temperatures are warm or hot outside. To ensure the interior doesn’t get filled with polluted air, the air conditioner has a filter known as a cabin filter which catches all the carbon, dirt particles, and other debris that would … Read more