5 Causes of Engine ECU Failure or Not Working Properly

The ECU is the engine control unit of your vehicle. It is also often referred to as the PCM (powertrain control module) or ECM (engine control module). This electronic module is a built-in computer which your vehicle depends on for managing a variety of its systems and functions. Think of it as the vehicle’s brain. … Read more

5 Causes of a Car That’s Hard to Start When Cold

It can be a terrible feeling when you have trouble starting your engine. You might have a dozen ideas running through your head about why your engine is so difficult to start. Perhaps you worry that your engine is damaged in some way and that you’ll have to spend a whole lot of money on … Read more

The Common Causes of Oil Smells Like Gas / Petrol

There are two precious fluids that every vehicle needs; gas and oil. The gas is the fuel which you pump into your fuel tank at the gas station. The internal combustion engine depends on a mixture of fuel and air to generate power for the wheels below. Since the engine has a lot of internal … Read more

Bad Distributor Cap & Rotor Symptoms and Replacement Cost

When the engine starts running, it produces a lot of electricity which enters the ignition coils. After that, this electricity is sent into an electrode of the distributor rotor. This causes the rotor to rotate and transfer electrical power to separate electrodes which are positioned inside the distributor cap. From there, the distributor cap transfers … Read more

What does Reduce Engine Power Mean?

The engine is the heart of the automobile. It is the machine which generates mechanical energy from another source of energy. When you step on the gas pedal, you are basically putting a greater demand on your engine to produce more power. If the internal combustion process is going smoothly, then your engine should be … Read more

How to Safely Remove a Battery from Your Car

Modern vehicles have so many electrical devices built into them. The alternator is what keeps these devices powered while the vehicle is in operation. But it is the battery that supplies power to the starter motor which gets the vehicle running in the first place. The battery also manages the electrical devices after you turn … Read more

How to Clean Corroded Car Battery Terminals

The car battery is essential to sustain the functionality of the vehicle. Whenever you attempt to start your car, an electrical current is sent from the battery to the starter motor. This is how the engine turns on and runs. As for the other electrical components of the vehicle, the alternator supplies the power to … Read more

Diesel Glow Plug Working Principle and Replacement Cost

The great thing about diesel fuel is that it ignites on its own. This happens after it is put under pressure and then exposed to air. The only problem is that cold temperatures in the vehicle’s surrounding environment could make it more difficult for this ignition to occur. For this reason, diesel engines need glow … Read more