How to Clean Corroded Car Battery Terminals

The car battery is essential to sustain the functionality of the vehicle. Whenever you attempt to start your car, an electrical current is sent from the battery to the starter motor. This is how the engine turns on and runs. As for the other electrical components of the vehicle, the alternator supplies the power to … Read more

Diesel Glow Plug Working Principle and Replacement Cost

The great thing about diesel fuel is that it ignites on its own. This happens after it is put under pressure and then exposed to air. The only problem is that cold temperatures in the vehicle’s surrounding environment could make it more difficult for this ignition to occur. For this reason, diesel engines need glow … Read more

6 Simple Steps to Change Car Spark Plugs by Yourself

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The Advantages of Variable Valve Timing Engine

There is a piece of modern technology for car engines called variable valve timing. It helps to boost the efficiency and overall performance of your engine. How does it do this? Well, the variable valve timing manages the opening and closing of the air intake valve and the exhaust valve. These are the valves responsible … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Camshaft Position Sensor

The internal combustion engine contains a device called the camshaft. The job of the camshaft is to manage the intake of gasoline and the emission of fumes from the exhaust system. There are offset lobes attached to the camshaft which control the exhaust valves and intake valves. A timing belt and chain link the camshaft … Read more

How to Clean Clogged Fuel Injectors at Home

How often do you clean your fuel injectors? Most car owners do not even consider cleaning their injectors because they never think about the possibility of them getting clogged. However, they will get clogged eventually after you have used your vehicle for more than a few years. You will know when the fuel injectors are … Read more