Ignition Coil Test Tips and Replacement Cost

Every car has at least one ignition coil. The purpose of an ignition coil is to boost the voltage generated from the car battery in order to ignite the fuel and start the engine. A car battery generally produces a 12-volt current. The ignition coil transforms that low voltage into over 15,000 volts, which is … Read more

Ignition coil problem and symptoms

Every car’s ignition system contains ignition coils. These coils are responsible for converting the 12 volts of electricity produced from the car’s battery into the thousands of volts necessary to jump start the spark plugs and ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. Sometimes a car will only have one ignition coil for all of … Read more

Coolant temperature sensor problem symptoms

It is important for the coolant temperature sensor to be functional at all times or else it won’t be able to properly determine the temperature of the coolant inside an internal combustion engine. The information about the temperature that’s detected by the sensor is sent to the engine control unit. From there, the engine control … Read more

The Average Cost to Replace Throttle Position Sensor

All vehicles have something called a “throttle” which controls how much fuel is allowed to flow into the engine. The throttle position sensor is what monitors the throttle position from the shaft. Basically, this sensor is connected to a computer inside the vehicle which shares information sent by the driver. This information contains the actions … Read more