5 Symptoms of an Oil Pan Gasket Leak and Replacement Cost

Oil is the blood flow of any vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Oil circulates through the engine and lubricates its components the same way that blood flows through our bodies and nourishes our cells. The oil pan is located underneath the engine. It serves as a reservoir which stores the oil as it circulates … Read more

5 Causes of Car Engine Knocking Noise

An internal combustion engine that is fully functional will not make any unusual noises. But if you do start to hear strange noises that you don’t normally hear, there could be a lot of different reasons for this. The exact type of sound that you hear might determine the problem. Most people will hear a … Read more

6 Causes of a Car Blowing White Smoke From the Exhaust

If you see your tailpipe blowing white smoke then you should know the root causes to avoid any engine damage. One of two conditions is responsible for white smoke blowing out of your exhaust. First is normal condition (so you don’t have to panic) and the second is a not so normal condition which should … Read more

5 Signs Your Car Has Bad Fuel Inside the Gas Tank

Engine fuel is refined specifically for the purpose of operating a car engine. There cannot be any contamination of the fuel whatsoever or else the engine’s performance will suffer as a result. Contamination could mean virtually any outside substance that does not belong in the fuel, such as water. Out of all the reasons for … Read more

5 Symptoms of Low Engine Oil Level in Your Car

There is an old saying that oil is the blood of any vehicle. In a way, this is true because the engine of the vehicle depends on oil to lubricate its components and keep them running smoothly. Since the engine is the heart of the vehicle, this heart needs to be constantly pumping “blood” to … Read more

5 Common Causes of an Engine Misfire

When a car has a misfire, it means that internal combustion in the cylinder did not finish completely. The car will still be able to run and you’ll be able to drive it, but you’ll start to notice the engine jerking a lot. This could be followed by exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe, … Read more

6 Reasons Why a Car Turns Off While Driving

There is nothing worse than having your car engine stop while you’re driving. If this happens, you’ll want to pull off the road as quickly as possible before the wheels stop completely. Do not confuse this situation with one where you have a lack of power in your vehicle. This is caused by your alternator … Read more