5 Ways to Reduce Smoke From Diesel Cars and Trucks

Diesel engines are notorious for creating a lot of smoke which sends toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The amount of smoke that a diesel engine normally produces is typically dependent on the size of the vehicle. If the vehicle is big like a truck, then the diesel engine needs to provide more power to … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump (and Replacement Cost

Every vehicle has a cooling system for its engine. The water pump is one of the main components of this cooling system. Its function is to keep coolant fluids flowing into the engine from the radiator. As long as the water pump continues to function as normal, the coolant will continue to flow as it … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Thermostat

These 3 symptoms of a bad thermostat can cause major problems. The thermostat is an important part that controls the temperature of your engine. Temperature is something that will make your engine run well or can blow it up. Normal engine temperatures will help keep your engine running in optimal condition but abnormal temperatures will … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Air Filter in Your Car

clogged air filter

The air filter is a part of the vehicle that should be self-explanatory. As you probably know, the internal combustion engine can only operate if it has the proper amount of air and fuel. The air that goes into the engine is supplied by the outdoors. However, the engine requires this to be clean air … Read more

Symptoms of a Bad PCV Valve (and its Replacement Cost)

The PCV, or positive crankcase ventilation, valve allows gas from the engine’s crankcase to get released into the combustion chambers. This helps improve the functionality of the vehicle and increases the efficiency of its engine. But if you have a PCV valve that is bad then you will notice the performance of your car will … Read more