Brake Cleaner vs Carb Cleaner (What’s the Difference?)

Cars are comprised of several components and parts. They all get dirty and grimy while serving their unique purpose. You simply can’t use the same cleaning formula for every part of your vehicle. Each individual part needs to be cleaned differently, especially with a different type of cleaning solution. For instance, you don’t want to … Read more

What does Hemi Engine Mean in the Car

The name of Hemi engines comes from Chrysler’s gasoline engines built with hemispherical combustion chambers. The combustion chamber can be called the heart of the engine and it is the place where the fuel mixture is burned. The main advantage of such an engine design is that it allows greater air intake which in turn … Read more

The Meaning of Torque and Horsepower in the Cars

The difference between torque and horsepower has always puzzled a lot of people, especially those interested in automotive engineering, or those looking to get a new car and are looking up car specs on the internet. These two notions seem identical at first glance: They are both about power right? What is exactly the difference … Read more

4 Types of Torque Wrench and How to Use it

Does anyone know the torque wrench? in this article we are going to share about this mechanic tool. So you will know, what the torque wrench is, how to use and 4 common types of torque wrench that available in the market. What is a Torque Wrench Torque refers to a twisting force which causes something … Read more

Facts about Ford Model T: A Wooden-Wheeler That Left Its Mark

You’ve probably been catching wind of the Ford Model T since you were a tyke, regardless of what decade you were born in. That’s how legendary, how influential, this ride really is. A history all its own, this wooden-wheeled, transmission-less ride has an intrigue that eclipses the generational divide. The Model T Was a Legend … Read more

10 Best Cheap New Cars with Good Gas Mileage

Fuel prices are increasing by the day. Jobs do not pay what they used to, which means consumers must cut their expenses wherever they can. One of the biggest expenses that people have is the fuel for their car. If they need to drive to work every day, it is important that their vehicle gets … Read more

5 Types of Sports Cars

A lot of people have heard the term “sports car” but most of them don’t know what it means. All they know is that it is a luxury vehicle which is quite expensive. The true definition of a sports car is any low-built car that has a high-performance engine. Most sports cars have only two … Read more