Top 10 Fastest Hybrid Cars in the World

Hybrid cars have developed a reputation for being slow vehicles. Since they use an electric motor and battery to supplement some of its power, they are not able to move as fast without tapping into the gasoline power. This causes a lot of hybrid owners to do more in-town driving in order to remain eco-friendly. … Read more

Pros and Cons: Diesel vs Petrol Hybrid Cars

When people think of hybrid cars, they are usually thinking about the ones which have petrol engines in them. These people forget that some hybrid cars are built with diesel engines instead of petrol engines. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a diesel engine on faster roads while still using your electric … Read more

Cold Weather Effects to Hybrid Cars Performance

Hybrid cars are known for their fuel efficiency and eco-friendly technology. People like to assume that hybrid cards will remain fuel efficient all year round. However, the performance of a hybrid car will actually be reduced in colder weather. This should not be a surprise since regular vehicles with gas engines tend to have the … Read more

Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Cars in The World

People know that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly. But what they will often forget is that their fuel economy is great too. Since hybrids utilize the power of an electric motor and gasoline engine, there is less fuel being consumed during the operation of the vehicle. This is especially true for people who do a … Read more

3 Types of Hybrid Car Engines

All hybrid car models have an internal combustion engine in them. The difference between these car models pertains to how power is utilized from its gasoline engine. There are certain hybrids which rely on its gasoline engine a lot more than others. Do not confuse hybrids with electric vehicles that do not use a gasoline … Read more

Top 5 of Mercedes Benz Hybrid Cars

Mercedes Benz is a luxury automobile brand which is known all around the world. Not only do they create fabulous looking cars, but they always try to integrate the latest automobile technology into their vehicles. Over the last 10 years, Mercedes Benz has designed and manufactured their own line of hybrid vehicles. They include either … Read more

Hybrid Car: The Battery, Oil Change, and Maintenance Cost

Hybrid cars have some similarities to regular cars. For example, hybrid cars still need engine oil and a car battery to function properly. Do not forget that hybrid cars have an internal combustion engine just like traditional cars. The only difference is that less gasoline is consumed in a hybrid vehicle. However, it is not … Read more