Steering Rack and Pinion Parts and Their Functions

A rack and pinion can exist in vehicles with or without power steering systems. Since most modern cars have power steering, then you can assume that racks and pinions are in them too. Any SUV, car, or small truck that you see on the road probably has rack and pinion steering in it. These two … Read more

Spiral Cable Working Principle, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

Any vehicle with a power steering system is going to have a spiral cable. The function of the spiral cable is to connect the steering column with the steering wheel. The steering column is filled with a lot of electrical circuits which make it function properly. The steering wheel also has important components, such as … Read more

Electric VS Hydraulic Power Steering Comparison

Every car on the road today has power steering. Otherwise, drivers would be forced to use all their strength just to turn the steering wheel in one direction. This would certainly cause accidents because drivers need to make their turns within a second or two. If they are forced to struggle with the steering wheel, … Read more