The Best Types of Car Differentials for Snow and Ice

All cars have a mechanical device called a differential. The main function of a differential is to enable the wheels to rotate at separate speeds. Before automobiles were invented, the only mobile vehicles that existed were wagons, carriages, carts, and chariots. Although they didn’t have motorized engines, they still had differentials which allowed their wheels … Read more

Car Automatic Transmission System Components and its Functions

An automatic transmission system is found in most vehicles on the road today. It is such a bigger convenience for drivers to use an automatic transmission system than having to use the manual transmission system. Automatics don’t require the driver to switch gears while they’re traveling at different speeds. There is also no clutch pedal … Read more

Manual Transmission System Components and its Functions in the Car

A manual transmission system is the original type of transmission system for automobiles. It requires the driver to do more work because they much shift a gear stick around as they’re driving. You’re basically switching gears manually while the vehicle is in motion. There is a stick shifter that is mounted in the central console … Read more

How to Adjust a Clutch Pedal in Your Car

If your vehicle has a manual transmission system, then it means you need to use a clutch pedal to manually switch gears as you’re driving. This is different than the automatic transmissions system where there is no clutch pedal because it switches gears for you automatically. There are pros and cons to each transmissions system. … Read more

How to Double Clutch in Your Car

Double-clutching is a specific method of shifting the gears of the car. This type of shifting is used for vehicles with unsynchronized manual transmissions and it requires a certain technique. In the past, this technique was used for old cars, mostly heavy-duty trucks or even some racing cars. Nowadays, double-clutching is no longer required, as … Read more

5 Steps to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid Hot or Cold

The automatic transmission needs to be lubricated with transmission fluid. It has several moving components which rub together just like the engine does. That is why the engine is lubricated with oil. Automatic transmission components can only work smoothly if they’re consistently lubricated while the vehicle is running. Any type of fluid leak would cause … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Bleed a Clutch Master Cylinder in Your Car

The clutch master cylinder is a component that you’ll find in a manual transmission vehicle. Remember that manual vehicles require the driver to operate a clutch when stopping or changing speeds. The purpose of the clutch master cylinder is to generate hydraulic power which allows the clutch to function properly. Basically, brake fluid is stored … Read more

How to Add Transmission Fluid in Your Car

Transmission fluid is like the lubricating oil of the transmission system of a vehicle. It is not actually called oil, but it is an oily substance which lubricates the transmission’s components. The type of vehicle you’re driving will determine which type of transmission fluid you use in the transmission. The other determining factor is whether … Read more