How to Adjust a Clutch Pedal in Your Car

If your vehicle has a manual transmission system, then it means you need to use a clutch pedal to manually switch gears as you’re driving. This is different than the automatic transmissions system where there is no clutch pedal because it switches gears for you automatically. There are pros and cons to each transmissions system. … Read more

How to Double Clutch in Your Car

Double-clutching is a specific method of shifting the gears of the car. This type of shifting is used for vehicles with unsynchronized manual transmissions and it requires a certain technique. In the past, this technique was used for old cars, mostly heavy-duty trucks or even some racing cars. Nowadays, double-clutching is no longer required, as … Read more

How to Add Transmission Fluid in Your Car

Transmission fluid is like the lubricating oil of the transmission system of a vehicle. It is not actually called oil, but it is an oily substance which lubricates the transmission’s components. The type of vehicle you’re driving will determine which type of transmission fluid you use in the transmission. The other determining factor is whether … Read more

Semi-Automatic Transmission Overview, Pros and Cons

Most people have heard of automatic transmission and manual transmission vehicles before. But have you ever heard of semi-automatic transmissions? This type of transmission has been around since the 1930s, so it’s actually existed for a long time. But as the decades went on, semi-automatic transmissions were upgraded to something completely different than what they … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Clutch Master Cylinder in Your Car

The clutch master cylinder is an important component in any vehicle which has a manual transmission. When you apply pressure to the clutch pedal on the floor, it separates the drive wheels and engine so that you can change gears. The clutch would not be able to perform this function if it weren’t for the … Read more

Tips to Check Transmission Fluid Condition: Manual and Automatic

The transmission relies on lubricant the same way that the engine does. The difference is that the transmission uses a certain fluid made for lubricating its components while the engine needs oil as its lubricant. Like the engine, the transmission’s components need to stay lubricated to keep working properly. If there was ever a fluid … Read more

Overdrive in Automatic Transmission Working Principle

Automatic transmission vehicles have an overdrive gear which is the highest gear available. When you shift to select the overdrive gear, it will reduce the revolutions-per-minute of the engine as it is running. You will do this whenever you want to maintain a single speed on the road. For instance, if your car has an … Read more