Common Causes of Car Won’t Accelerate

Have you ever stepped on the gas pedal of your vehicle and it won’t accelerate? Perhaps it is not accelerating fast enough or at all.

There are many causes that could be to blame for this acceleration problem. Some won’t require much work to fix while others will require you to hire a professional mechanic to repair.

The first step is to make sure your emergency brake is off. You’d be surprised how many people leave their emergency brake on when they start their vehicle. If it is on then it will cause the car to slow down until it is turned off.

The most common cause of an acceleration problem in a vehicle is when its gearbox cannot properly engage the engine. This is likely due to a mechanical error which results in poor acceleration. This is a problem that can only be fixed by a mechanic.

Another cause could be that the timing belt has a crack in it. However, this problem is rare because it is usually taken care of when you bring your car in for regular servicing.

Also, if you haven’t cleaned your fuel filter in a while then it will cause an acceleration problem. If you have a dirty fuel filter then it will be difficult for fuel to properly flow into the engine and produce the energy that is required to move the vehicle.

Fortunately, cleaning your fuel filter is not that difficult and it is something you can do yourself without going to a mechanic. But if you prefer to have a professional do it then you can go to any lube shop that offers an oil change service and they will likely offer a fuel filter cleaning service as well.

Many newer cars have computer systems and electronics that control a lot of its functions. If there is an error or malfunction in the computer system then it could affect the acceleration of your vehicle.

For example, let’s say the computer system thinks that your car is overheating or producing a lot of carbon emissions, even though it isn’t. The computer system may slow down your car and prevent you from accelerating until this electronic error is fixed.

For this kind of problem, you’ll likely have to go to your car dealership and have them reprogram your computer system in order to eliminate the problem. They should offer this service for free especially if you purchased the vehicle with a warranty.

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