5 Causes of a Car Starts then Dies Immediately


2. Fuel Injection Sensor Issue

The fuel injector requires a certain amount of pressure so that it can inject the right amount of fuel into the internal combustion chamber. The engine control unit communicates with the fuel injector through the sensor that is attached to it. The sensor keeps track of the amount of pressure in the fuel injector and then transmits this information to the engine control unit. From there, this computer modifies the pressure accordingly. However, if there is a problem or issue with the fuel injector sensor, the engine will not receive the right amount of fuel for a proper combustion. This could lead to a starting car that dies right away.

3. Ignition Issue

The ignition system is responsible for generating the spark that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the internal combustion chamber. If you were to have any issues in your ignition system, like with the spark plugs or even the car battery, then the spark might not be sufficient enough to create a full ignition in the chamber. This could cause the car to die if it does start up at all.

4. Bad Carburetor

The carburetor is a very important component of the internal combustion process. In fact, it is responsible for properly adjusting the ratio of air and fuel so that the combustion can be successful in the engine. So, if you have a bad carburetor that is malfunctioning for some reason, it will likely throw off the ratio of air and fuel. Then your engine’s combustion will be ruined.

5. Engine Control Unit Issue

The engine control unit is a computer that is susceptible to glitches and errors like any other piece of electronic equipment. But it is even worse for the engine control unit to have this issue because it manages virtually all the electronic components and sensors of your vehicle. One potential problem that could arise is the inability to control the fuel injection system correctly. This might cause problems keeping the car running after you start it up.

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