5 Easy Tips and Tricks for Cleaning the Interior and Exterior of a Car


When the average person thinks about cleaning their car, they’re thinking about washing the exterior of the vehicle with a water hose or wet rag. Cleaning a car requires a lot more than just getting dirt off your paint job. You need to clean specific areas of not only the exterior, but the interior as well. That’s right, how often do you clean the inside of your car? This doesn’t just mean picking up empty wrappers off the floor either. You will find that a clean car on the inside and outside will not only make it pleasant for other people to ride in, but it will increase the resale value of your vehicle as well.

The Top 5 Tips for Cleaning the Interior of a Car

  1. Vacuuming – This is an interior cleaning method you may be familiar with. Most gas stations have an optional vacuuming station somewhere on their lot. It usually costs about a dollar to activate the vacuum. This is good for sucking up all the pieces of leaves, dirt, and debris that get dragged onto the floor of your car from your shoes.
  2. Clean Seats – Seats tend to get dirty the most in a car. Use an all-purpose diluted cleaning solution on your seats. You can scrub the solution into the seats using a sponge, washcloth, or brush.
  3. Remove Floor Mat Stains – Even after you vacuum your floor mats, there will likely still be stains left on them. You will need to spray a stain removing solution onto the mats to ensure that you get rid of those nasty stains.
  4. Brush Seams – If you eat foods that create a lot of crumbs in your vehicle, then these crumbs tend to get stuck in your seat cushion, especially in the seams. Use a brush with thin bristles to get these crumbs out. A toothbrush works great for this.
  5. Replace Cabin Filter – There is a cabin air filter inside your vehicle that most people forget about. But you should replace this air filter periodically because it helps ensure that clean air is being blown into the cabin.

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The Top 5 Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of a Car

  1. Wash – It is always good to wash the outside of your vehicle, but don’t just use water and a rag. The best way to clean a vehicle is to get a bucket with water and then pour some specially concentrating cleaning solution into it. There are concentrated car wash formulas sold in most auto stores. Once you have the liquids mixed in your bucket, soak a sponge into it and then use the sponge to clean every inch of your exterior.
  2. Add Protectants – The three most sensitive materials that will exist on the outside of your vehicle are rubber, vinyl, and plastic. You need to periodically spray protectant solutions onto these areas to keep them strong. This includes spraying along the trim of the windows and doors, and all the tires.
  3. Waxing – It is important to wax the paint and finish of your car because it will protect them from many of the environmental dangers outside. These include salt, bird droppings, UV rays, airborne dirt, and dead bugs.
  4. Use Glass Cleaner on Windows – The windows of your vehicle should be cleaned with a special glass cleaning solution made for cars. One popular car glass cleaner is called “Invisible Glass.” You should only have to wash your windows just a few times per year with this formula.
  5. Clean Headlights – The headlights on your vehicle will often get cloudy if they’re dirty. You won’t be able to just wipe away the dirt or cloudiness with water and a sponge. It is recommended that you use toothpaste and water instead. That will clear up the cloudiness and let your headlights shine outward to their fullest potential.

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