Feathering the Accelerator (Throttle Control 101)

feathering accelerator pedal

The accelerator or gas pedal isn’t an on-off switch. You will get the most out of your vehicle’s handling if you step on the gas pedal gradually in certain situations. This gradual application is called feathering the accelerator, an important form of throttle control. Proper application of this technique could even save your life. How … Read more

When to Use Fog Lights (And Do You Need Them?)

when to use fog lights

Fog lights are a second set of lights on the front and rear of the vehicle that are designed to be used in low visibility situations. Fog density varies depending on the weather conditions. Very dense fog may reduce visibility to only a few feet in front of the vehicle, making it unsafe to drive … Read more

Check VSA System Light On (5 Causes and What It Means)

check VSA system

Ever turn your car on and see a “Check VSA System” warning light? Maybe the light even flashed at you while you were driving. If you own a Honda or an Acura for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ll see a message on the dash warning you to “Check VSA System”. Here’s … Read more

FCW System Failed (What It Means and How to Fix It)

FCW system failed

Imagine driving down the highway, listening to your favorite tunes, and suddenly, the message “FCW System Failed” pops up on your Honda’s dash. Is your car about to break down? Are you in danger? Fortunately, you can relax. While seeing an FCW System Failed message can be alarming, it’s not necessarily a cause for immediate … Read more

AWD vs 4WD (What’s the Difference?)

awd vs 4wd

Looking for an all-terrain vehicle? Perhaps you want something that will be stable in rainy, snowy, or icy road conditions. Not all AWD and 4WD systems are created equally. If you’re looking to maximize your vehicle’s capability per dollar, you should know the difference between some of the common drivetrain options on the market that … Read more

4 Different Types of Drivetrains (Which is Best?)

types of drivetrains

Do you know which wheels are used to propel your vehicle forward? The driven wheels play an important part in your vehicle’s handling dynamics. Some vehicles can be ordered in multiple configurations, and each configuration has its own pros and cons. Keep reading to understand the differences between types of drivetrains and which one may … Read more

4 Causes of Drive Shaft Noise (When Accelerating or Turning)

drive shaft noise

Every car has at least one differential which allows the wheels to move and rotate. For example, if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, then the differential is in the front and will allow the two front wheels to rotate. If you a 4-wheel drive vehicle, then you’ll have front and rear differentials. As the … Read more