5 Tips on How to Park a Manual Car (Especially on Hills)

Parking a manual transmission car, especially on a steep hill, can be intimidating. All that potentially stands between your vehicle and a downhill runaway is your shifter and handbrake. However, with some key tips on technique and preparation under your belt, you can park smoothly and safely. Identifying the incline and decline spots ahead of … Read more

7 Reasons a Car Shakes When Accelerating (or Idling, Driving, Braking)

car shakes when accelerating

Normally, a car should not shake when the engine is running. It should provide the driver and passengers with a smooth and comfortable experience. So, whenever you experience shakiness coming from your car, it is never a good sign. It doesn’t matter if your car is idling, accelerating, driving, or braking. Any time you experience … Read more

5 Practical Driving Tips for Beginners

teenage girl driver

If you are learning to drive a car, it can be a very scary experience. It can certainly get rather intimidating on the road with other vehicles around you. But the trick for being a good driver is to be a confident driver who knows how to operate their automobile. If you allow yourself to … Read more

10 Tips for Taking a Long Road Trip

long roadtrip tips

Road trips can be a ton of fun. When you set out for an extended trip across the country, there are lots of sights to see and places to visit. If your trusty steed breaks down in transit, your trip may be cut a bit short while you’re still far away from home. With some … Read more