7 Symptoms of Low Fuel Pressure (And How to Test It)

trouble starting car

Are you having issues starting or running your vehicle? You may have low fuel pressure. Combustion engines need a precise amount of air and fuel to run properly. When your vehicle has low fuel pressure, your engine probably won’t have enough fuel to run right. Symptoms of Low Fuel Pressure Here are some common problems … Read more

What Oil Should I Use? (Engine Oil Viscosity Explained)

engine oil viscosity

If you walk into an auto parts store, you’ll find an entire shelf filled with nothing but engine oil. Shopping for engine oil can be an intimidating experience if you’ve never done it before, but choosing the right oil is actually surprisingly simple. Here’s everything you need to know about picking the right grade of … Read more

7 DIY Timing Belt Replacement Tips

timing belt replacement tips

Many vehicles using timing belts to keep the valves and crankshaft aligned. This alignment allows the engine to make the most of each combustion event. If you have experience wrenching in the garage, a timing belt replacement can be a great next step to advance your home mechanic skills. If you are new to engine … Read more

9 Reasons Your Car is Overheating (and 5 Things You Can Do)

car overheating gauge

Combustion engines generate power through many small, controlled explosions. The combustion process generates an immense amount of heat, requiring a carefully engineered cooling system to keep the engine running properly. Without the cooling system, the engine would quickly overheat, causing permanent damage. In extreme cases, overheating can cause total engine failure. An engine failure could cost close … Read more

8 Symptoms of a Bad PCV Valve (And Replacement Cost)

bad PCV valve

PCV valves are inexpensive and often overlooked parts of your engine. When neglected, a faulty PCV valve can cause many issues that result in much more expensive repairs. What is a PCV Valve? “PCV” stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. As your engine runs, some of the combustion gases get pushed past the piston rings and … Read more