6 Reasons Why a Car Shuts Off While Driving

car jerks idling

There is nothing worse than having your car engine stop while you’re driving. If this happens, you’ll want to pull off the road as quickly as possible before the wheels stop completely. Do not confuse this situation with one where you have a lack of power in your vehicle. This is caused by your alternator … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Cracked Cylinder Head (and Repair Cost)

cracked cylinder head symptoms

A cylinder head is the “top end” of the engine. It mates to the engine block to seal off the combustion chamber, which is where the engine burns fuel to make power. Cylinder heads also house the valves that direct airflow. Intake valves draw in fresh air, combustion occurs, then exhaust valves allow the burnt … Read more

Serpentine Belt vs. Timing Belt (What’s the Difference?)

serpentine belt vs timing belt

Most car owners don’t understand the difference between the serpentine belt and the timing belt. Sometimes these two names are used interchangeably by people. However, the serpentine belt and timing belt serve two completely different purposes. But they both are important parts of the internal combustion engine. In fact, the engine must be running for … Read more

Why Does My Oil Smell Like Gas? (4 Common Causes)

oil smells like gas

While there are many fluids a vehicle needs, the two most important ones are gas and oil. The gas is the fuel which you pump into your fuel tank at the gas station. The internal combustion engine depends on a mixture of fuel and air to generate power for the wheels below. Since the engine … Read more

6 Main Fuel System Components (and Their Functions)

The fuel system is responsible for supplying fuel to the internal combustion engine. The fuel mixes together with air and then the spark plugs ignite the mixture to create the combustion power which moves the vehicle. After you fill up your gas tank with fuel, there is a system in place which transfers that fuel … Read more

7 Parts of a Cooling System (and Their Functions)

parts of a cooling system

The internal combustion engine has explosions inside of it regularly. Think about when you’re stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate quickly. How is the engine creating all that power for your vehicle to move faster? There are an estimated 4,000 explosions taking place inside your engine every minute if you have a 4-cylinder engine … Read more

5 Low Oil Pressure Symptoms (And Common Causes)

low oil pressure symptoms

The internal combustion engine is comprised of many small moving parts. Some of these parts rub together and create friction. With all this activity going on, an excessive amount of heat is generated inside the engine. Because of this, the engine needs a lubricant to ensure these components are cooled down and running smoothly. Engine … Read more

Valve Shim Clearance Adjustment Formula and Cost

valve shim adjustment

The valve shim of a car is a hardened metal disc responsible for the clearance adjustment between the camshaft-lobe and the corresponding valve it controls. Whenever a cam-lobe exists within a vehicle, it controls the valve directly. There is no rocker arm needed like in other vehicles which don’t have a cam-lobe. It is important … Read more