5 Symptoms of an Exhaust Leak (How to Tell)

checking for exhaust leak

The exhaust system does two things for your vehicle. The first thing it does is converts all those toxic gases produced from the internal combustion process into less toxic gases. The second thing it does is it releases those gases through the tailpipe so that they can leave the engine and exhaust system. These gases, … Read more

3 Ways to Reduce Black Smoke in Diesel Engines

black smoke from exhaust

Diesel-powered vehicles typically get a bad reputation because they are sometimes seen spewing black smoke from their exhaust. To a casual observer, it looks like these vehicles are polluting the environmental more than any other vehicle which uses gasoline. After all, we usually don’t see black smoke coming out of the exhaust of regular vehicles … Read more

6 Symptoms of a Car Engine Running Rich

car running rich

The internal combustion chamber of an engine requires there to be just the right amount of fuel and air mixed together before ignition. The engine control unit (ECU) is the main computer of the vehicle which oversees all the actions related to the engine. It controls the air flow sensors, oxygen sensors, oxygen intake, and … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor (And Replacement Cost)

bad oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor , also known as an O2 sensor or lambda sensor, is located inside of the exhaust manifold of a vehicle. Its purpose is to keep track of the level of oxygen which remains unburned in the exhaust system while exhaust is leaving the engine. The oxygen sensor sends a signal to the … Read more