11 Different Types of Sports Cars

types of sports cars

Looking for a cool, fast car but don’t know where to start? The best car for you will vary depending on your lifestyle and your goals for your car. People who want to hone their skills as a driver may pick a different car than those who want to commute to the office in maximum … Read more

What is the Average Car Length? (Why American Cars Are So Big)

average car length

Cars seem to be getting bigger and heavier each year. As cars get bigger and heavier, they tend to get longer as well. Car length affects many of a vehicle’s attributes, such as storage capacity and handling dynamics. There are many factors that affect a country’s average car length such as road conditions, average family … Read more

Should I Cover My License Plate Online? (Here’s Why You Might)

cover license plate?

If you’ve looked at cars online for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that a sizable percentage of them have blurred license plates. Should everyone be redacting this information? After all, anyone in the general public can see your license plate while you drive down the highway. Many people think it is completely unnecessary … Read more

How to Dispose of Old Gas (The Safe and Legal Way)

how to dispose of old gas

Keeping an extra canister of gas is handy for car emergencies or for gas-powered garden tools, but it’s sure to become an annoyance if it’s forgotten and left too long; old gas doesn’t burn well.  Gasoline is made up of several compounds, some of which are known carcinogens and highly toxic to animals, people, and … Read more

Seat Belt Won’t Retract or Pull Out? (Try These Tips)

seat belt

Modern three point seat belts are critical components of your vehicle’s safety system. In the event of a crash, seat belts hold you in place and gradually slow you down, reducing the risk of injury. Are you having trouble with one of your seat belts? Read on to see if there is an easy fix … Read more

13 Tips for Better Gas Mileage (Save Money on Fuel)

Fuel prices are skyrocketing to record highs this year. Although we have little control over the gas prices, we can control how much fuel we burn with some quick and easy maintenance tips. Why Is My Car Using So Much Gas? Some vehicles are inherently thirsty. This is often true of larger displacement engines and vehicles with AWD. … Read more

5 Reasons Your Door Won’t Close (And How to Fix It)

car door won't shut

The door of your vehicle serves many purposes. Not only does it block sound and weather, it is also a structural component designed to protect you in the event of a crash. A door that won’t close properly is potentially dangerous. If you were to get in an accident, the door could fly open and … Read more