How Do Climate-Controlled Car Seats Work?

(Updated on April 17, 2020)

Automakers are thinking of everything when it comes to innovative technology for their vehicles. In traditional cars, there are air vents built into the front dashboard which blow cool or heated air from them. This helps control the overall temperature of the cabin. The only downside is that it can take too long for this to occur. Plus, the passengers in the back seats will not feel as comfortable as the driver and passenger in the front.

Now there is something called climate-controlled car seats which aim to provide an optimal level of comfort to the driver and all the passengers of a vehicle. Basically, climate-controlled car seats allow cool or heated air to blow out of them through its outer material. That way, the person sitting in the seat will have conditioned air blowing directly onto their body. This will help heat or cool them off a lot faster. Climate-controlled car seats are available for both the front and back of the vehicle.

Main Features of Climate-Controlled Car Seats

You will only find climate-controlled car seats in most luxury vehicles. This technology gives you the ability to set the temperature of the car seat. In some model cars, the seats will even have their own air conditioning and heating system built into it. However, the heating and cooling effect is dependent on certain features of the climate-controlled car seat system. Below are some of those main features:

1) Perforated Car Seats – Traditional car seat upholstery includes leather, polyester, nylon, and vinyl. This material may feel soft, but they don’t allow air to pass through it. For this reason, climate-controlled car seats use perforated materials for the car seat cover. There are also special cushions inside the seats to provide comfort to the person. The perforation of the outer material allows air from the inside of the seat to pass through its many tiny holes. This keeps the person’s body comfortable without ever feeling suffocated.

2) Internal Seat Fans – The interior of climate-controlled car seats has fans in them. These fans are responsible for circulating air out of the car seats from the air conditioning or heating system. For instance, when you set the temperature of your car seat to be cooler, the fans will blow harder so that more cool air goes through the perforations of the seat.

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Last Words

There are some model vehicles which only blow uncooled air from the seats. These are typically less expensive than the models which blow actual cool air out. The latter uses refrigerant or some other cooling agent to turn the air colder. Either way, you will still have perforated seating so that air can get to your skin.

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