5 Causes of Oil to Leak into the Spark Plugs Tubes

The spark plugs are very important components of a vehicle because they are responsible for generating the spark which ignites the fuel and air mixture in the internal combustion chamber. Oil is also important for lubricating the components of the engine while it is running. If you do not have a good supply of oil, then your engine will overheat from all the friction created by moving components rubbing against each other. However, you’ll never want to have oil leaking into the spark plugs. This will create a huge problem with the functionality of your engine and its performance.

The Top 5 Causes

You will know when oil is leaking into the spark plugs because the signs will be there. Aside from a weaker engine performance, you may see blue exhaust coming out of the tailpipe or more frequent engine misfires. You’ll then be forced to add more oil to your engine regularly to keep it functioning. If you don’t, then your engine will overheat to the point where it may cause a fire.

To figure out how to stop this from happening, you must understand the causes of oil leaking into the spark plugs.

Below are the top 5 causes.

1) Worn Valve Cover Gasket – The engine has a metal part on top of it called a valve cover gasket. This keeps the engine sealed so that oil does not leak from it. However, all the heat from the engine will wear down the valve cover gasket as time goes on. It will eventually start to crack and shatter, which then allows oil to leak through the gasket. You can repair the valve cover gasket if you catch the problem fast enough. Otherwise, your engine will suffer permanent damage.

2) Old Valve Guides – Vehicles depend on valve guides to assist in managing the intake of air into the engine. Basically, the valve guides secure the valves during the operation of the engine. The only problem is that valve guides wear out as you continue using your vehicle. Eventually, you will need to replace them because old valve guides will not be able to prevent oil from leaking into the spark plugs. Once that happens, you could have a lot of problems with your engine that will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

3) Bad O-Ring Seals – Under the spark plug wells, there are O-ring seals. Once a seal becomes worn out or damaged, oil will leak through and make its way to the spark plug well. You’ll need to repair this problem quickly before the engine is affected too much. And since the oil saturated the spark plugs, you’ll need to replace the spark plugs as well.

4) Bad Piston – A piston will crack if it gets exposed to too much heat. Then it will start to make knocking sounds and rattle quite a bit. More important, it will let oil leak into the spark plugs and that will create all kinds of problems. Your engine will misfire frequently, and you’ll experience a weaker engine performance. These are all things that will ruin your engine if the piston is not replaced promptly.

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5) Bad Piston Compression Rings – The piston compression rings exist on the top and bottom of the pistons of an internal combustion engine. The purpose of the compression rings is to stop oil from entering the combustion chamber and to remove extra oil that gets onto the cylinder walls. However, if your compression rings wear down and go bad, then they won’t be able to stop oil from flowing toward the spark plugs. You’ll also see blue exhaust and there will be an oil aroma that consumes the cabin.

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