P0700 Code: Transmission Control System Malfunction

When a mechanic goes to diagnose a serious problem with your vehicle, they will usually hook up a scanning tool to the power control module. The computer of the module will then provide the scanner with a troubleshooting code which signifies the problem of the vehicle.

For instance, the diagnostic trouble code “P0700” signifies that the transmission control system is experiencing some type of malfunction. Some vehicles may give you this code automatically on your dashboard while others will require a scanning tool to find the code.

The first symptom that you will experience from a malfunctioning transmission control system is the dreaded “Check Engine” warning light illuminating on the dashboard. This will be followed by the failsafe (or limp home) mode being activated until the problem with your transmission control system is fixed.

While under failsafe mode, the central computer of your vehicle will work to reduce the damage as much as possible by altering the revolutions per minute of your engine and the shifting of your transmission.

Common Causes of a P0700 Trouble Code


When you receive the trouble code P0700, there might be one of four causes for your transmission system malfunction. Below are the 3 most common causes.

1) Transmission Solenoid

This is the component which allows the transmission fluid to flow into the body of the valve so that it can make contact with the appropriate gear.

2) Transmission Valve Body

A faulty valve body will ultimately cause the transmission to fail because the valve body is the transmission’s control center.

3) Transmission Control Module

The transmission control module (TCM) is a separate computer which controls the functions of the transmission. If that goes bad, then the transmission will go bad. Replacement of a TCM is not cheap so hopefully the issue is something more simple.

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Common Symptoms of a P0700 Trouble Code

engine stalls

When your power control module indicates a P0700 trouble code, there are certain symptoms that will occur as a result. The symptoms are as follows:

1) Engine Stalling

The biggest symptom will be having your engine stall as you’re driving. The performance will be weaker until the point when your engine stops functioning altogether.

2) Issues with Shifting

You may experience trouble shifting gears with a P0700 diagnostic trouble code.

3) Bad Fuel Economy

You may start paying more for gas as you experience this trouble code. This malfunction will lower your gas mileage significantly.

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4) Check Engine Warning Light

One of the first symptoms you will experience from this malfunction is the illumination of the Check Engine warning light on your dashboard. Simply resetting a Check Engine light will not solve this issue.


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