5 Slipping Clutch Symptoms (What It Means and How to Fix It)

clutch slipping symptoms

Has your manual transmission car started feeling a little odd when shifting gears? Do you notice the engine revving higher than normal before the car starts moving? A slipping clutch could be to blame and it will only get worse over time. Knowing how to identify the distinct symptoms of a clutch that’s slipping early … Read more

7 Symptoms of a Bad Body Control Module (And Replacement Cost)

R50 Mini body control module

The body control module (BCM) is a type of computer that controls many of the electrical systems around the interior and exterior of the vehicle outside of normal engine operation. It allows you to operate windows, headlights, taillights, fog lights, door locks, HVAC controls, and much more. When you have a malfunctioning BCM, many of … Read more

11 Causes of a Car Losing Power While Driving Up Hills

canyon hills

Driving uphill reveals weaknesses that are hidden on level ground. Gravity works against you, forcing the engine to work harder. Accelerating now tests every component and if one part isn’t functioning like it should, your vehicle may suddenly struggle, hesitate, or even stall when going uphill. If you car seems like it’s losing power while … Read more

8 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt (And Replacement Cost)

bad serpentine belt symptoms

That squealing under the hood when you start your car in the morning is no harmless noise. It’s an audible clue that your serpentine belt needs attention. This vital belt powers vital accessories like the alternator, AC compressor, and power steering pump by linking them to the crankshaft’s rotation. When this drive belt starts glazing, … Read more

6 Causes of Engine Ticking (When Accelerating or Idling)

strange noise

Do you have a noisy, rattly engine? Perhaps you hear a rhythmic ticking noise coming from under the hood. No matter the type of unusual sound, one’s thoughts automatically begin to turn toward impending engine failure and the headache such an issue might cause. Sometimes ticking is normal and expected. Sometimes a tick needs to … Read more

11 Parts of a Brake System (and Their Functions)

brake system components

The brake system in your vehicle allows the driver to slow down or stop in a consistent and reliable manner. The brakes on your car work by converting the kinetic energy of movement into thermal energy (heat). Each time you step on the brake pedal, the speed of the spinning wheels underneath your vehicle is … Read more

6 Symptoms of Bad Spark Plugs (And Replacement Cost)

dirty spark plug

Spark plugs, present in all gasoline-powered internal combustion engines, have one very important purpose: to ignite the air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber to start a car and keep it running. They are also designed to transfer heat away from the combustion chamber to prevent pre-ignition (or igniting the fuel too early).  Making sure the … Read more