Series vs Parallel vs Power-Split Hybrid Drivetrains

hybrid car drivetrain types

There are a lot of different hybrid models available on the market. Some are plug-in hybrids which need an outlet to get recharged while others are basic hybrids which utilize gasoline power instead. Aside from there being different types of hybrids, there are also different types of drivetrains for them as well. There are series … Read more

Hybrid Car Maintenance Costs (Oil Change, Replacement Battery)

2019 Nissan Rogue Hybrid

Hybrid cars have some similarities to regular cars. For example, hybrid cars still need engine oil and a car battery to function properly. Don’t forget that hybrid cars have an internal combustion engine just like traditional cars. The only difference is that less gasoline is consumed in a hybrid vehicle. However, it is not possible … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Motor Mount (and Replacement Cost)

bad motor mount

The chassis of a vehicle is the base frame which all the other vital components are connected to, such as the engine. There is something called an engine (motor) mount which allows the engine to stay firmly attached to the chassis. This prevents the engine from shaking or moving as you’re driving. For example, when … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Brake Drums and Shoes (and Replacement Cost)

drum brake assembly

The brake drums and shoes are vital components of a vehicle’s braking system. Brake drums and shoes are more commonly found on older vehicles which don’t use a disc brake system to slow the car down. Basically, the brake drums serve as the brake disc and the brake shoes serve as the brake pads. The … Read more

What is the Difference Between Shocks, Struts, and Coilovers?

shocks vs struts vs coilovers

Shocks, struts, and coilovers are part of most modern suspension systems. The suspension gives your vehicle its handling characteristics and ride quality. There are many different suspension implementations on different types of vehicles. Some designs compromise handling in favor of ride comfort. Others prioritize handling above all else, which can give the driver a jarring … Read more

5 Transmission Slipping Symptoms (and Common Causes)

frustrated driver

A slipping transmission is more common in automatic transmission vehicles than manual vehicles simply because there are a lot more automatics around. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen with manual transmissions because it can, especially with a new or aggressive driver. A slipping manual transmission usually has to do with a clutch problem, … Read more

5 Reasons Your Car Engine Won’t Turn Over

trouble starting car

There is no worse feeling than trying to start your car and finding out that it won’t turn over. When a car does not “turn over,” it means that the starter motor is not able to crank in order for the engine to turn over. As a result, you will turn the key in the … Read more

Are Xenon Headlights Worth It? (Pros and Cons)

HID headlights

Xenon, also referred to as high-intensity discharge (HID), headlights are some of the latest in advanced headlight technology. Sometimes, you have the option of replacing the existing factory headlights of your car with these superior xenon headlights. You don’t need to purchase a high end vehicle to take advantage of this technology. There are xenon … Read more