Are Xenon Headlights Worth It? (Pros and Cons)

HID headlights

Xenon, also referred to as high-intensity discharge (HID), headlights are some of the latest in advanced headlight technology. Sometimes, you have the option of replacing the existing factory headlights of your car with these superior xenon headlights. You don’t need to purchase a high end vehicle to take advantage of this technology. There are xenon … Read more

5 Ways to Reduce Smoke From Diesel Cars and Trucks

car exhaust smoke

Diesel engines are notorious for creating a lot of smoke which sends toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The amount of smoke that a diesel engine normally produces is typically dependent on the size of the vehicle. If the vehicle is big like a truck, then the diesel engine needs to provide more power to … Read more

Transaxle Repair and Replacement Cost

transaxle replacement cost

The transaxle of a vehicle is the integrated assembly of the transmission and the differential. This means the transaxle is responsible for allowing you to both change gears (just like with a transmission) and split the engine power amongst the wheels of your vehicle (just like a differential). You will find a transaxle in many … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Shock Absorber and Replacement Cost

bad shock absorber

Shock absorbers do just as the name sounds. They absorb the shock that is experienced by the vehicle as the tires are moving on the road. This comes in handy if you’re driving over a rough or bumpy road. Furthermore, shock absorbers regulate the springs and suspension of the vehicle so that your tires are … Read more

20+ Cars With a Double Wishbone Suspension

cars with double wishbone suspension

The suspension is a vital component found in the chassis of the vehicle. The function of the suspension system is to support all the weight of the vehicle and to absorb the shocks that occur while driving. What Is a Double Wishbone Suspension? A double wishbone suspension attaches to each wheel and features two control … Read more

What Drains a Car Battery? (5 Common Causes)

what drains a car battery?

The main function of a car battery is to help start the engine. After that, the alternator takes over by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy for all the vehicle’s electrical components. But the car battery needs to be functional or else this entire process doesn’t even start. A car battery should last for a … Read more

5 Driving Tips for Beginners

If you are learning to drive a car, it can be a very scary experience. It can certainly get rather intimidating on the road with other vehicles around you. But the trick for being a good driver is to be a confident driver who knows how to operate their automobile. If you allow yourself to … Read more

10 Tips for Taking a Long Road Trip

long roadtrip tips

Road trips can be a ton of fun. When you set out for an extended trip across the country, there are lots of sights to see and places to visit. If your trusty steed breaks down in transit, your trip may be cut a bit short while you’re still far away from home. With some … Read more