What is a Full-Floating Axle? (and Its Pros and Cons)

Every vehicle has an axle which allows the wheels to rotate. The axle may either be attached to the vehicle or to the wheels themselves. There are two types of axles which a vehicle may have. There is the semi-floating axle and the full floating axle. The majority of 4-wheel drive vehicles will have a … Read more

Transmission Fluid Change Cost (Manual and Automatic Transmissions)

The transmission fluid of a vehicle is responsible for lubricating and cooling the internal components of the transmission. As you likely know, the transmission is responsible for transmitting the engine’s power to your vehicle’s wheels. If you have an automatic transmission, then your vehicle will change gears automatically based on how fast you’re driving. There … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump (and Replacement Cost

Every vehicle has a cooling system for its engine. The water pump is one of the main components of this cooling system. Its function is to keep coolant fluids flowing into the engine from the radiator. As long as the water pump continues to function as normal, the coolant will continue to flow as it … Read more

How Do the Parts of a Clutch Work? (Manual Transmission)

If you’re driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, then you need to operate the clutch and know how it works. In layman’s terms, the clutch is the link between the wheels and engine of your vehicle. It gives you the ability to disengage the engine when you step down on the clutch pedal. This … Read more