How to Prevent your Engine from Overheating

(Updated on June 7, 2022)

Automobiles have cooling systems that prevent them from getting overheated. This particularly comes in handy during the summertime when the engine has to sustain more heat from the sunlight. But if you have a cooling system that is defective for whatever reason then your engine could overheat very easily under these circumstances. That is why you need to take the proper precautions in order to avoid an overheated engine. The first step is to always have your cooling system checked every two years by a mechanic or car dealer. Without a working cooling system, your air conditioner won’t work and your engine will overheat. The maintenance of the cooling system is much cheaper than it would cost to repair or replace it. So keep this in mind the next time you go to the auto shop for a tune up.

Another step you should take is to replace any car battery that is over three years old. Car batteries tend to heat up as they get older because of all the stress they’re put under. You’ll want to replace your battery every three years in order to ensure that it isn’t producing more unnecessary heat for the engine. Thirdly, if you live in the southern hemisphere then you’ll want to prepare your radiator for the summer heat ahead of time. Right at the start of summer, place new coolant into your radiator. You should also have your radiator checked out to ensure it does not have any corrosion.

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A lot of cars tend to overheat when they are being driven for extended periods of time. People who drive cross country or take road trips tend to have overheated cars the most. If you take road trips in the summer time then your chances of it overheating will increase even more. The best way to prevent overheating in this scenario is to keep a gallon jug of water in your trunk just in case your radiator leaks on the road. Otherwise, you could find yourself stranded somewhere.

Finally, if your temperature light turns on while you are driving, you should slide down your windows and turn off your air conditioner right away.  If the temperature light does not turn off, try turning on the heat in your car. Any heat that is stuck in your cooling system should get drawn out if you do this. At this point, drive to the nearest mechanic and have them look at your cooling system.

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