5 Symptoms of a Bad Steering Column (And Replacement Cost)

bad steering column symptoms

The steering column is connected to the suspension of a vehicle. More specifically, the steering column is the link between the steering wheel and the steering mechanism of a vehicle. This means that when a driver turns the steering wheel with their hands, the steering column is transferring this torque power to the steering shaft … Read more

5 Causes of a Car Ignition Key That Won’t Turn (or is Stuck)

key won't turn in ignition

When you put your car key into the ignition of your vehicle, it is actually going into something called an ignition lock cylinder. This component is positioned within an electrical component called an ignition switch. In modern vehicles, the ignition switch is responsible for locking the ignition in place and reading the custom anti-theft code … Read more

6 Broken Clock Spring Symptoms (And Replacement Cost)

broken clockspring symptoms

Ever wonder how the electronics in your steering wheel maintain their connection when you can turn the steering wheel several times in each direction? If normal wires were run to the steering wheel controls, they would eventually get tangled up and break, just from everyday use. This is exactly what a clock spring is designed … Read more

Electric vs Hydraulic Power Steering (What’s the Difference?)

power steering pump

Almost every car on the road today has power steering. Otherwise, drivers would be forced to use all their strength just to turn the steering wheel in one direction. This would certainly cause accidents because drivers need to make their turns within a second or two. If they are forced to struggle with the steering … Read more