Hydraulic Suspension Systems (Pros and Cons)

hydraulic suspension

While fairly uncommon, vehicles may have a hydraulic suspension system instead of normal steel spring suspensions or even air suspensions. You’ll most often find them on competition low riders although a handful of high end vehicles use a hydraulic suspension but aftermarket kits can be purchased to convert the stock suspension on some vehicles. For … Read more

Air Suspension Pros and Cons (and How it Works)

All vehicles have suspension systems but not all of them have air suspension systems. What makes an air suspension system so different is that it uses an air compressor or air pump to power the vehicle’s suspension. This air pump will usually get its power from the engine or through the electronic components of the … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Alignment in Your Car

symptoms of a bad wheel alignment

Every vehicle has a suspension system that is attached to its wheels. Since the suspension is also connected to the rest of the vehicle, this allows the wheels and their tires to move the vehicle as they’re rotating. When you purchase a new car, a wheel alignment has already been done to it. This means … Read more

5 Types of CV (Constant-Velocity) Joints

types of CV joints

Constant-velocity joints, also known as the CV joints, assist in the process of allowing power from the transmission and driveshaft to be transferred over to the wheels of a vehicle. More specifically, constant-velocity joints allow this to happen through the variable angles which exist between the driveshaft and the wheels. That way, the rotational speed … Read more

Difference Between Shocks and Struts (and Replacement Cost)

People often get confused about the difference between shocks and struts. This is understandable because shocks and struts are very similar in the way they function. It can be easy to use the terms interchangeably because each component helps offset the coil spring’s motion. As you may know, the coil spring is what keeps the … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Shock Absorber and Replacement Cost

bad shock absorber

Shock absorbers do just as the name sounds. They absorb the shock that is experienced by the vehicle as the tires are moving on the road. This comes in handy if you’re driving over a rough or bumpy road. Furthermore, shock absorbers regulate the springs and suspension of the vehicle so that your tires are … Read more

20+ Cars With a Double Wishbone Suspension

cars with double wishbone suspension

The suspension is a vital component found in the chassis of the vehicle. The function of the suspension system is to support all the weight of the vehicle and to absorb the shocks that occur while driving. What Is a Double Wishbone Suspension? A double wishbone suspension attaches to each wheel and features two control … Read more