5 Symptoms of a Bad Charcoal Canister and Replacement Cost


The emission system of the engine produces a lot of carbon emissions which are released into the environment. This is what continues to make gasoline engines so controversial amongst those who care about protecting the environment. However, there is a special component called a “charcoal canister” which exists in the emission system that works to absorb the vapor of the fuel before it is released outside into the environment. In other words, after the engine produces these toxic carbon emissions, the charcoal canister stops these compounds and redirects them back to the fuel tank. That way, the environment can continue to be kept safe from these emissions.

Top 5 Bad Symptoms

A bad charcoal canister can cause problems for the functionality of your car. You will want to address these problems immediately before they progress into something much worse. Below are the top 5 symptoms of a bad charcoal canister which you should watch out for. Some are worse than others, but you can easily fix them as soon as you spot them.

High Emissions – Since a charcoal canister is supposed to eliminate toxic carbon compounds from being released into the environment, a bad charcoal canister is not going to have much luck doing that. This will result in a much higher rate of carbon emissions being released. You may not notice this problem right away as it will require an emissions test to figure it out. If your state forces you to take this test every 6 months or 12 months, then be aware that your charcoal canister could be responsible if you do not pass the test.

Bad Fuel Economy – When the carbon emissions renter the combustion chamber and get burned, this promotes a healthy fuel economy. But if these emissions were to get released into the environment, it will decrease your fuel economy. Then you will notice your miles per gallon decreasing and having to pay for gas more frequently.

Pinging Sounds – If your charcoal canister is not effectively disposing of the carbon emissions, this could affect the air and fuel mixture ignition in the combustion chamber. The result will be pinging sounds coming from the engine which you don’t normally hear. There could be other reasons for these pinging sounds too. But if you experience two or more of the other symptoms on this list, then chances are it may be due to the charcoal canister having problems.

Weak Performance – A major symptom which should spark a red flag in your mind is a weaker engine performance. If the carbon emissions are not being recirculated back into the combustion chamber properly and it causes problems with your air to fuel mixture, then your engine won’t be able to adequately produce the power needed to sustain your acceleration needs. This means that whenever you step on the gas pedal, you won’t accelerate as fast as you should be.

Fuel Odor – As your fuel economy gets worse from having a bad charcoal canister, you will be consuming more fuel than usual. This might cause a fuel odor to circulate throughout the cabin of your vehicle. This is not an aroma that you’ll want to smell for very long because it could make you get sick.

Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of a bad charcoal canister will be between $180 and 600. The price range varies considerably because the make and model of your vehicle has a lot to do with the cost. Generally, you can expect the labor costs to be between $30 and $140. The bigger expense will be the cost of the parts, which will be between $150 and $500. There will be additional taxes and fees on top of these prices, depending on the imposed taxes of your local government.



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    Tip: Before replacing your canister remove it and blow it out with compressed air. That worked for me and no more 0446 Evap Code

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