5 Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plug in Your Car


Spark plug is a very critical component of a vehicle which supports the fuel to ignite to combustion chamber. A bad spark plug is a big problem that may cause several damages and ruin the vehicle performance. As the important part of the internal ignition system component for years, it receives high voltage electrical current form the ignition coil to ignite the air or fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This continuous combustion that keeps your car moves smoothly on the road. The failing spark plug brings impact as serious as no-start.

Bad Spark Plug symptoms

Bad condition of spark plug will damage your vehicle’s performance and the machine as well. Some people don’t realize the symptoms of the bad spark plugs which make them feel okay about their car. If you just let it pass, you’ll regret it then. Know these symptoms to prevent all damages.

Here are 5 symptoms of a bad spark plug that may happen to your vehicle.

1. Engine Misfire

When your vehicle stops while driving, it’s engine misfire. It means there is a problem with one of the spark plug, it may doesn’t work correctly. It may be caused by a spark plug wire or its tip which connected to the wire damaged. During the misfire, the vehicle releases much gases and emission. It also causes reduced fuel economy and reduced engine power.

2. Rough Idle

Idle works when the vehicle is running. If the engine perfectly performing, the spark plugs should run continuous and smooth. If it doesn’t work well, then it will produce rough and the bouncy while running. Commonly, you’ll feel the vibration and jittery sound. So, it’s no good to let your spark plug damaged because it’s dangerous and will cost more expensive of services.

3. Slow Acceleration

The poor acceleration is a sign from your vehicle that it needs a new spark plug. In this situation, pushing down the gas pedal will not fasten the speed of vehicle. It more likely looks overworked. When the effectiveness of spark plug is reduced, this significantly reduces the acceleration of the vehicle.

4. Trouble of Starting

This is the most symptoms and the easiest symptom to see when you need to change the spark plug with the new one. The engine will be difficult to start even if you try for several times. It’s because the spark plug is failed to produce the spark. The bad spark plug may cause rapid discharge which means that it needs to be replaced.

5. Consuming Too Much Fuel

The main function of spark plug is to burn fuel efficiently in the combustion machine. Automatically, if the spark plug doesn’t work well, frequently because of the gap between the spark plug electrodes is too close or too far. It will make the combustion not efficient which causes the high fuel consumption.

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Don’t wait until the spark plug damaged or worse if your vehicle is totally damaged because of the bad spark plug. Prevent the problems by knowing 5 symptoms of a bad spark plug.


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