What Causes Tire Cupping? (Check These 6 Things)

tire cupping

Did you know there’s more to tire maintenance than simply rotating the tires? Tire cupping is the uneven wear across your tire tread. But why does this happen? Let’s look at the most common culprits of tire cupping. What Is Tire Cupping? Tire cupping is a specific type of irregular tire tread wear that causes … Read more

7 Causes of Outer Tire Wear (And How to Prevent It)

outer tire wear

Have you noticed uneven wear on the outside of your tires? Outer tire wear is a common symptom of alignment and suspension problems. Here are a few different things you can check if you’re trying to find the cause. Related: Causes of Inner Tire Wear Causes of Outer Tire Wear 1) Under Inflation (Not Enough Air) … Read more

Inner Tire Wear (Causes and Prevention)

inner tire wear

Are you noticing that your car’s tires are wearing out faster than usual, especially on the inside (closer to your car’s center)? Over time, some cars start to show what’s referred to as inner tire wear. At best, this reduces the life of the tire but if you let it go on long enough, you’ll … Read more

Lug Nuts vs Lug Bolts (Which is Better?)

lug nuts vs lug bolts

If you’ve ever changed a tire on a European car and an Asian car, you’ve probably noticed that there are two different ways to mount wheels to the hub. Many European cars use lug bolts, while most other vehicles use studs and lug nuts. Is there a difference in these two mounting methods? Turns out, … Read more

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire? (and How Fast Can You Go?)

how long can you drive on a spare tire

With enough years behind the wheel, one is almost guaranteed to eventually experience a flat tire. The occurrence of a flat is almost always accompanied by aggravation, as travels are delayed, and additional effort is expended to install the affected vehicle’s spare tire. However, a flat tire often leaves motorists with another quandary of sorts. … Read more

Wheel Spacers Purpose (and Pros and Cons)

wheel spacers pros and cons

Wheel spacers are special components which create more space in the area that lies between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself. You place the wheel spacers over the holding bracket of the vehicle to produce this additional space. When you purchase wheel spacers, they need to be made specifically for your type of … Read more