Top 10 Best Tire Snow Chains for Your Car

Snow chains are a product that attaches to the drive wheels of a car when winter weather creates challenging driving conditions. Most are sold to connect to the specific tire size that you use with your vehicle. You will need to manually affix them when driving, but it can increase your braking and traction on … Read more

Top 10 Best Car Tire Sealants

If something happens to one of your tires on the road, then a spare tire can help you get to the next service station. Another option in recent years is to use a sealant to help repair the damage that occurs. Best Car Tire Sealants for Your Vehicle These are the best car tire sealants … Read more

Are Wheel Spacers Safe? (or Should They Be Avoided?)

Wheel spacers can be used when you want to install custom wheels, especially wheels that are not positioned properly for your vehicle. Wheel spacers basically provide additional space between the wheels and the wheel hubs. This helps to correct the positioning of the wheels that you want to install by adjusting the offset. In addition, … Read more

How Often Should You Rotate and Balance Your Tires?

tire rotation and balance

Your tires have a very important job for your vehicle. Not only do they keep your vehicle moving safely on the road, but they also make it possible for you to brake as well. Safe tires typically have very defined treads with deep grooves in them. The purpose of treads is to provide your tires … Read more

5 Causes of Dry Rot in Tires (and How to Prevent It)

Tires are some of the most sensitive parts of any car. They are subjected to so much impact from the road and the temperatures of their environment. There might come a point when you notice small cracks forming all along the treads and sidewalls of your tires. Do not confuse these with worn out tires … Read more

Top 10 Best Aluminum Wheel Cleaners

The wheels that you see on most cars today are made from an alloy material, usually a blend of nickel and aluminum. The aluminum material is what gives car wheels their durability and lightweight attributes. Aluminum wheels are also a lot more inexpensive when compared to the traditional steel wheels.  That is why aluminum has … Read more