9 Symptoms of a Bad Flywheel (And Replacement Cost)

bad flywheel symptoms

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, its flywheel plays a crucial role, but determining when it needs replacement can be tricky. Clues like unusual noises and vibration may indicate flywheel failure. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to broader transmission problems while driving. Let’s go over the common indicators that your flywheel may be … Read more

5 Symptoms of Burnt Transmission Fluid

burnt transmission fluid

A transmission fluid is a special type of lubricant that is formulated to keep the moving components of a vehicle’s transmission running smoothly. There are different types of transmission fluids available, especially for automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. An automatic transmission needs fluid that not only lubricates its components, but also keeps them cool and … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Valve Body (And Replacement Cost)


A transmission valve body is a complex labyrinth of valves and solenoids that routes transmission fluid through circuits in the transmission. If the transmission control module (TCM) is the brain of the transmission, valve body would be the heart. When valves and solenoids in this component wear out, transmission performance suffers or it may simply … Read more

4 Symptoms of a Bad Neutral Safety Switch (And Replacement Cost)

bad neutral safety switch symptoms

Turning the key in your ignition and… nothing. No crank, no start. This, or other no-start issues, are frustrations most of us will experience at some point. But rather than an expensive starter or battery issue, the problem could be an inexpensive part many don’t think about, the neutral safety switch. Keep reading to learn … Read more

5 Benefits of a Limited Slip Differential (How it Works and Its Cons)

limited slip differential pros and cons

There are three types of differentials that a vehicle could have; open differentials, locking differentials, and limited slip differentials (LSD). The function of any differential is to transmit engine power to the wheels. This is how wheels can rotate at various speeds. While an open differential would still power any wheels that are losing traction, … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Front or Rear Differential (and Repair Cost)

limited slip vs locking differential

When your car starts making unusual noises, vibrations, or you’re noticing steering difficulties, it could be a sign of a failing differential. Simply ignoring these warnings can lead to costly repairs and even dangerous driving conditions. In this article, we’ll look at the key indicators of a bad front or rear differential, as well as … Read more

10 Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid (Manual and Automatic)

low transmission fluid symptoms

The transmission is basically what allows the driver to control the power of the engine in a vehicle. It is what allows the driver to change gears and determine the direction and motion of the vehicle. Whether you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission, there needs to be transmission fluid that lubricates its internal … Read more